Basic Warranty

Nelo warrants the boat, except for excluded items, and when properly used, will be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 24 months from the moment it has been assessed for damages due to transport. Validation must be done within 30 days, time when the warranty will be automatically validated.

Warranty on other Composite Parts

The following parts: Seat, Foot Rest, Rudder, Hatch and Hold Number warranted to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 24 months starting at the same time as the boat’s warranty. Warranty is valid only when the products are properly used.

Transfer of Warranty

If you sell the boat during warranty period, your buyer may receive the benefit of the balance of the warranty by agreeing to be bound by its terms.

Authorized Dealers

To obtain a list or confirm that you are dealing with an Authorized Dealer contact Nelo.

Excluded Items

Nelo gives no warranty of the following:

  • Any components manufactured other than by Nelo.
  • Sun damage – If the boat is exposed to the sun for long periods of time it may cause some damages to the composite material.  In that case, the warranty shall be voided.
  • Osmotic Blistering – The primary factor in the design of the boat is performance. As a result, surface coatings and the thickness were chosen to maximise its potential performance. If the boat is left in a wet cover, in very humid environment or not properly dried, osmosis warranty shall be voided.
  • Varnished boats: boats with complex designs usually need a layer of varnish as a final coating. This material doesn’t have the same properties as regular gel coat, thus needing some extra care. Not observing the following rules will void the warranty:
    • Don’t apply solvents
    • Avoid contact with abrasives
    • Have extra care when handling not to bump it hard
    • Use a cover whenever possible
    • Do not tie it down too tight
  • Minor discrepancies in the desired design and small cosmetic errors do not entitle you to deductions or returns.
  • Collision damage – damages resultants from collisions or misusage are not covered by warranty.
  • Salt oxidation – If the boat is used on salt water and isn’t regularly washed after use that may oxidate some boat parts. In that case, the warranty shall be voided.

All repairs not made by Nelo or Authorized Persons are not covered under this warranty.

Proper Use

All of the above warranty clauses are expressly conditioned upon the proper use of the boat. This means that you follow the indications reviewed at the manuals and perform suggested maintenance to the boat as recommended in it.

Warranty Claims

In order to make a claim under these clauses you must do the following:

  • Report the defect to Nelo within thirty days of discovering it. The report must identify the Serial Number, date of delivery and  photos.
  • Make the boat available for inspection if requested.
  • Make the boat available, when required, for repairs by Nelo or Authorized Persons.
  • Nelo reserves the right to choose an outside technician to do the repair. All warranty requests must be accompanied by a detailed written estimate prior to beginning any warranty work and it must be approved by Nelo.

Repair or Replacement

Nelo shall perform its obligations under the terms of this warranty at its option either repairing or replacing defective part or component.

Parts or components do not extend the warranty period, but these repairs or replacements will be covered for the balance of the warranty period.

Exclusion of Implied Warranties

The foregoing warranty is intended to be in lieu of all other warranties express or implied. NELO disclaims all implied warranties including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In such jurisdictions these exclusions are limited the NELO expressly limits any implied warranties to the greatest extent and to the shortest duration allowed by law.

Limitation of Coverage

Nelo or Official Nelo Dealers only provide warranty service in a 300Km radius within the same landmass, unless stated otherwise by the local dealer.

Limitation of Damages

Nelo disclaims any liability to you for incidental, consequential or indirect damages, including loss of time, loss of use, loss of revenue, travel expenses, transportation charges, food or lodging charges or loss of personal property. In such jurisdictions that these exclusions are limited to Nelo expressly limits its liability for damages to the greatest extent allowed by law.

Whole Agreement

This warranty is the sole warranty given by Nelo. Any questions about the warranty should be directed to Nelo – Mar Kayaks at nelo@nelo.eu.


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