One of the big advantages of the composites is that they don?t require much maintenance; of course there are some crucial rules to extend the lifetime of your boat:

  • Do not put it in the sun for long periods.
  • Do not tight it too strongly in the racks.
  • Only allow professionals to repair your boat.
  • Never store or transport it inside the cover if the boat is not well dry.
  • And treat it like a baby.

Boats should be used only by trained persons or under supervision.
The use should be done under the rules established for each boat class.

After receiving your boat, we recommend you do some tests to find your best trim, to find it you should:

  1. Start with the seat in the middle position.
  2. Move the foot rest to fit you.
  3. Check the behaviour at competition speed, the bow should be around 1 cm into the water, in a stopped position the bow should be well under water.
  4. You should move your seat and foot rest together until the boat is performing as described in point 3.
  5. This is just one of many methods of finding the best position, though it always changes slightly from person to person, but these are the basic rules.

Rudder Adjusting
Making your rudder straight is an essential part of enjoying your boat.
In order to make it 100% perfect you should use the straps inside your boat:

Hold the rudder blade in the straight position;
Use the straps one at a time, until the T bar goes straight in the middle.
While paddling you can also make little adjustments by pulling the strap on the side the T Bar is tending to.


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