Testing Centers

Nelo developed a new concept thinking on all the athletes which contacted us over the years asking “Where can I test a Nelo boat?”

It’s called “Test Center” and has a specific and very important goal: to give you the chance of testing a Nelo boat whenever and wherever is more suitable for you.

This service will be as simple as possible:

  1. Decide each boat you want to try;
  2. Check where you can find it;
  3. Contact us to set a date and time for that.

In case you must stick to one city but they don’t have the boat you need, you can contact us and we will try to make it possible.

During your test you will be helped by a specialized monitor that will be able to give extra information about the boat. All these services are free.

In case you’re a foreigner and need accommodation, we can also help you with that.

If you want to do it in group, we can arrange a multi-person event.


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    Rua de Beche, 25
    4485-105 Fajozes
    Vila do Conde, Portugal


    (+351) 252 618 962 (10h to 11h)
    GPS: 41.326402, -8.717571