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Nelo launches complete app solution for paddling.

An app that is the perfect partner for paddling sessions, together with a web solution to analyse, compare and improve training.

For years paddlers had to resort to solutions built for other sports to be able to monitor and track their activities and paddling sessions. And the apps designed for canoeing had several limitations.
Nelo has always been spearheading technology innovations in boats and bringing new tools to paddlers. For some time we have been looking at all the current solutions on the market and listening to who matters the most – paddlers – to understand what are the major needs and key issues for this kind of product. Together with all our know-how, we believed that we could provide better.


Nelo Coach divides itself in two components:
1. An Android app for mobile devices for the paddler to take with him on the boat. The app tracks the training sessions and provides real time data such as speed, distance, time, strokes per minute, distance per stroke, among others. The athlete even has the chance to create laps to provide analysis on partial stretches.
Safety is also a major concern and the app comes equipped with a Safe Mode feature. When activated, the app can automatically or manually send a stress warning to selected emergency contacts.

2. A web application where the sessions are uploaded to. A wide range of analysis tools are available, like dividing the session in smaller sections, access full and per lap totals, split by distance or time with partials, store, tag and organize the sessions by boat type or simply by date and share on facebook. The comparison chart allows to quickly measure the progress and check where it can improve.

The app is available at Google Play Store for EUR 19.99, USD 19.99 and GBP 14.99 –  Nelo Coach App



Nelo Manager App


The Nelo Manager App is the perfect partner for the Nelo Coach App. It provides you, as the coach, realtime data from your paddlers on your training sessions.

It works by wirelessly connecting to the phones running the Nelo Coach app mounted on the paddlers’ boats. It connects through wifi, what can be achieved by creating an wifi hotspot in your phone or using a 3G/4G portable router. No Internet required!

With Nelo Manager you can follow up to 6 athletes at the same time, while focusing on each one individually, and create tag points for easier post analysis on this website.

With every purchase of the Nelo Manager App, get 1 Nelo Coach app free!
To collect this offer, just send the purchase confirmation email from Google to



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