Interboat Speed Calculator

It’s not easy to compare speed and skill between boats so we have developed this tool that will help you.

With this tool you will be able to understand how the boat’s speed is affected depending on the type of boat or on how many resistors you are paddling with, given that you are applying the same power.

It can also be used to equalize skill between paddlers. You can determine what handicap you need on your boat so that your less skilled training partner can keep up with you and you won’t need to soften your training session.

10 Km/h

How to use it?

  1. Select the reference boat, meaning the boat you regularly use, and the usual cruise speed.
  2. Select the goal boat, that’s the boat we will apply the same power to
  3. Press “Calculate”

All calculations are based on data obtained with an 80Kg paddler, in no-wind, no-current conditions. There might be small variations to your own setup.


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