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62 Air

The new 62 Ski concept by Nelo was developed to target 4 main areas, that we considered a true racing ski should cover, which are as follows: Stability, Control, Toughness, Speed.

K1 Vanquish 7

CONCEPT Improve a winning boat by keeping the good attributes of the Cinco while offering a better feeling of speed and direction. DESIGN A design that stays closer to the optimum trim for longer and reduces the pitch and heading amplitude. The new shape was also thought to contribute for the rigidity of the boats. … Continued

K1 Vanquish 5

The inverted hull bow keeps the boat closer to the optimum trim for longer and reduces unwanted heading changes. With its streamlined deck the athlete  is able to do the catch and push almost without noticing the deck is even there, in a new concept of total freedom of movement. Its tailored cockpit provide the most comfortable position … Continued

K1 Vanquish 4

The Nelo 4 is a traditional-looking boat with a very good balance between movement and steadiness. The new 4 has some improvements in the bow and in the stern to make that balance even smoother. CUSTOMIZATION No ideas for your new boat? No problem! In addition to our color schemes you can contact Paddle Sports … Continued

FutureKids Ocean Ski Micro

Micro is the smallest boat in our brand new fleet. It was made from knowledge and passion, specially adapted for children aged 3 to 6 years. We have done our best to create the perfect “tool” for the first steps in kayaking. Micro is the best way to assess children potential at young age. It’s … Continued

FutureKids Ocean Ski Mini

If you get here to know more about the Mini than that’s the moment that you know what you need. You need the Kayak not only for fun but also for professional training. Mini is the middle-sized surfski. We have widened the seat so that every child between 6 and 9 years old could easily … Continued

FutureKids Ocean Ski Maxi

Is the largest single sprint kayak in our fleet. Like all our products, it has been created with attention to details. We were also testing it with coaches and proved to be the best kayak for the children aged 9-12 years. We have widened and lowered the seat to make it more stable. It is … Continued

FutureKids C1 Maxi

This is the new model reinvented from the 3 prototypes that we made in recent years. First time we made it in 2016/2017. The final concept of the boat was created in 2019 after many years of working with young canoers and coaches. It’s made on the base of verified bottom of K1 MAXI. Thanks … Continued


THE VANQUISH SURFSKI Normally balance and speed are related: the fastest boat is also more unstable… That was the challenge, having a racing boat that was as fast as the 560 but as stable as the 550. And that is how the Vanquish was born! It has some extra volume on the back in the … Continued


PERFORMANCE CRAFT The rules say that typically longer skis have more wet surface but usually better friction. Even so, we developed the new 560 with reduced wet surface but with great friction performance, being so the advantage of the smaller wet surface overcomes a small increase on the friction resistance, resulting on a faster ski … Continued


HIGH LEVEL FUN The new 550 with 5.5 meters long gives an incredible paddling sensation. The 550 paddles close to the stability of the 520 and the speed of the 560. It surfs the waves and turns like a much shorter ski but on the flat it still feels like a competitive boat. Due to … Continued


ENTRY LEVEL PERFORMANCE The most recent member of Nelo surfski family. With the stability close of the 520 but with more top speed on flat water this surfski is perfect for those who are looking for speed, balance in small waves and transportable boat. Due to its dimensions the manoeuvrability of the ski is better … Continued


GET IN AND GO So do you know how to paddle, already try to surf your first waves and the ocean asks for more from you? The 520 is the right a boat for every person who really wants to get into the sport of surfski. Like the 560, the 520 is easier to do … Continued

Mini Viper

The Viper has been one of the longest and more successful lines in the Nelo Range. So successful that now we are taking it to the youngest athletes by creating a smaller version, the Mini Viper. The Mini Viper is perfect for young athletes for ages around 14/15 years old and offers a great glide … Continued

Viper 42

The Viper 42 is the Viper which is similar to a normal racing K1, in both stability and speed. With a max width of 42 cm and 520 cm in length, the 42 will be the right boat for any athlete looking for a stable racing K1. The Viper Family The Viper has been one … Continued


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