Viper 44 XXL

Boat: 5.20 x 0.44 m

Cockpit: 0.44 x 0.96 m

Seat to Footrests: 0.52 - 0.88 m

Stability: 3

Athletes: > 80 Kg


A1: 12 Kg

E: 9 Kg

F: 11 Kg

G: 11 Kg

SCS: 11 Kg

WWR: 12 Kg

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About the boat

The Viper 44 is the Viper which best resembles the classic k1 shapes, such as the Lancer, in both stability and speed. With a max width of 44 cm and 520 cm in length , the 44 will be the boat for any athlete looking for a very stable racing K1.

The Viper Family

The Viper has been one of the most successful and long-term lines in the Nelo Range. The fitness boat concept of the Viper has been brought to the paddling sport making it possible to train or tour with great glide and not compromising any stability. Its wide range from 42 to 60 max beam offers a solution for every paddler, always providing the common ability to perform and comfort. In this range the level of equipment and extras is unmatchable and at exactly the same level as the racing kayaks from Nelo.


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