OC 2

Boat: 7 x 0.40 m

Stability: 8


SCS: 18 Kg

WWR: 20 Kg

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About the boat

Excel means stand out, transcend, outclass from ... ...

Excel 7.2 keeps the same design as the OC1 6.0.
Its design performs well in all kinds of conditions.
Its double rudder control assembled (one on each seat position) gives you the chance to decide who controls the boat while its double bailers, in the front and in the back cockpit, keeps all the water drained from the boat.



  • Ama: Glides over the surface all the time due to its flat hull
  • Cockpit close to the bow.
  • Fittings: front and rear straps, black anodized aluminium iakos, rudder control on both footrests, three external storage areas.

Weight Detail:
  SCS 18kg   WWR to be announced

Action Video


Rua de Beche, 25
4485-105 Fajozes
Vila do Conde, Portugal


(+351) 252 618 962 (10h to 11h)
GPS: 41.326402, -8.717571