OC 1 Sagres

Boat: 6.35 x 0.41 m

Stability: 8


SCS: 13 Kg

WWR: 16.4 Kg

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About the boat

The name Sagres comes from a historical landmark in navigation, where cartographers, astronomers, mathematicians, sailors, and experienced shipbuilders founded a community of knowledge and expertise in a small village in southern Portugal, revolutionizing the history of maritime navigation. This place became known as the School of Sagres. The goal was to achieve maximum performance in flatwater conditions.

The starting point was to reduce the rocker (banana effect) of the renowned and champion Excel S hull. This modified hull was incorporated into the deck of the Huracan, which features a very comfortable and protected cockpit. The harmonization of the design brought about a volume that also revealed it as an option for downwind paddling. This model was designed by Diego Vale Designs alongside experienced athletes, and after on water tests, they provided feedback that the goal of having an incredible performance canoe experience had been achieved.

  • CAPACITY: Up to 120kg
  • LENGTH: 6.35m
  • WIDTH: 0.41m
  • HEIGHT: 0.37m


Rua de Beche, 25
4485-105 Fajozes
Vila do Conde, Portugal


(+351) 252 618 962 (10h to 11h)
GPS: 41.326402, -8.717571