FutureKids Ocean Maxi K2

Barco: 5.5 x 0.45 m


A1: 14 Kg

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Acerca do barco

The K2 Maxi Kayak is a two-person boat with increased stability, designed to enable both ocean and sprint training for young kayaking enthusiasts. With a tapered paddling zone widening the boat and a specially flattened bottom, this kayak is elegantly manoeuvrable and practical for everyday use, allowing young athletes to unleash their full potential on the water. The kayak's adjustable footrests and ergonomic seating ensure a customized fit, allowing for optimal comfort and proper paddling technique. Built with durability in mind, the K2 Future Kids Kayak withstands rigorous training and racing conditions, providing young athletes with a reliable and long-lasting training companion. Whether it's learning the basics or competing at a higher level, this kayak offers a platform for young ocean and sprint kayakers to hone their skills, build teamwork, and achieve their sporting aspirations. Like all our boats it could be customized with different colors and equipment.