FutureKids C2 Maxi

Boat: 5.50 x 0.38 m

Athletes: < 120 Kg


A1: 15 Kg

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About the boat

The C2 Maxi is a sprint canoe that represents an evolution and improvement of all aspects tested over the years in the C1 model. Built with young athletes in mind, the C2 Maxi provides a stable and balanced platform, allowing for confident paddling and skill development. The enhanced design and construction ensure exceptional quality, ensuring the canoe's durability during intense training sessions and competitions. When it comes to speed, the C2 Maxi is designed to deliver exceptional performance. It enables young athletes to maximize their power output and achieve impressive speeds on the water. Whether they're working on refining their technique or striving for greater velocity, the C2 Maxi offers the ideal vessel for young athletes to push their limits. With the C2 Maxi, young sprint canoeists can experience the evolution of their sport. It provides the stability, quality, and speed necessary for them to develop their skills and reach new levels of performance.


Rua de Beche, 25
4485-105 Fajozes
Vila do Conde, Portugal


(+351) 252 618 962 (10h to 11h)
GPS: 41.326402, -8.717571